Looking forward to a brighter smile thanks to our dental program

15 August 2018

Maddison is looking forward to a brighter smile and renewed confidence in her job search thanks to our dental program.

She is taking part in our youth employment program at Frankston in Melbourne's outer south-east, and was recently referred to our dental program, which assists people who can't afford dental care to access dentistry for free, or at a very low cost.

'I've had a lot of cavities in my teeth for a long time and it makes me feel very self-conscious. I’m always careful not to smile or laugh, or even open my mouth too wide when I speak,' she says. She believes that holds her back at job interviews, as she is unable to relax and be herself.

A friendly smile is an important attribute in the kinds of jobs she is applying for, in the hospitality and retail sectors.So far she has had four visits to the dentist, and her treatment plan entails a few more yet, but she is really looking forward to showing off her new smile.

The impact of poor dental health on people’s lives has been in the news recently. Tim Nayton oversees our dental program and says there is a growing awareness of the pain and anguish that bad teeth can cause.

'Many disadvantaged people go without dental care, often because of long waiting lists at community dental clinics, or because they can't afford the co-payments they are required to pay for treatment. Our dental program targets those most in need,' he says.

'We can assist people to access community dental clinics, and help cover the cost of treatment through a community clinic, and in some cases, by a private dentist.

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