Leadership team

Learn more about our people, including the  Executive Team  and  BSL Board

Executive Team

The BSL Executive Team is responsible for the implementation of organisational strategies, development of policies and management of issues and of the performance of the organisation.

Travers Mc Leod web

Travers McLeod is BSL’s Executive Director, responsible for the day-to-day management of the activities of BSL as delegated by the Board.

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Zeah Behrend web

Zeah Behrend is BSL’s Chief Strategy and Impact Officer, leading strategy implementation and supporting the Social Policy and Research Centre (SPARC), and Communications, Marketing and Fundraising teams.

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Karli Middlewood web

Karli Middlewood is BSL’s Chief Operating Officer, managing functions including People and Culture, Volunteer Engagement, Facilities and Assets, and Information, Communication and Technology.

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Julie Ware web

Julie Ware is BSL’s Chief Services Officer, providing strategic and practice leadership of our services portfolio including Children, Youth and Inclusion, Aged Care Services, and Disability Services

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Dr Nicole Bieske web

Dr Nicole Bieske is the Director of Social Policy and Research Centre (SPARC). She joined BSL SPARC Division on 2 October 2023. Nicole has had an extensive career in social policy, advocacy and research with experience working in government, the community sector, academia, and business.

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Susan Hall web

Susan joined BSL in 2016 as Head of Early Childhood Early Intervention, within the NDIS team and moved to the role of Deputy Director of NDIS in 2019.

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Rebecca Pinney Meddings web

Rebecca is responsible for the Children, Youth and Inclusion Program portfolio. It includes five departments: Adult and Youth Transitions; Early Years, Children and Families; Inclusion; HIPPY (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters); and Service Development and Practice.

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Lisa Rollinson web

Lisa Rollinson is the Director of Aged Care Services division.

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Waudi Tahche web

Waudi Tahche is BSL’s Director People Culture and Engagement, leading and developing the People, Culture and Place Strategy and supporting the People and Culture, Volunteer Engagement, and Facilities and Assets teams.

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Anna Venalainen web

Anna Venalainen is BSL’s Director of Finance, responsible for the Finance and Commercial activities of BSL.

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General Counsel & Company Secretary

Simon Miller web

Simon Miller is General Counsel and Company Secretary for Brotherhood of St Laurence and has oversight of BSL’s legal, compliance and governance matters.

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The Board

The Brotherhood of St. Laurence (BSL) Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction and establishing the policies of BSL. It is responsible for monitoring the performance of the activities of BSL and overseeing its financial state on behalf of the Charter and Life Members. It is also responsible for ensuring that risks are adequately managed.