Affordable housing in Australia: What can we do about it?

How big is Australia’s affordable housing challenge and what can we do about it?

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Dr Kate Raynor contrasts the current affordability challenges with those of past decades, and explores the merits of various global approaches to make housing more affordable, especially for those on low incomes. Kate Colvin has worked in the community housing sector for more than two decades and provides insights into how the sector has approached the challenges of housing and homelessness.

Kate Raynor is from the Affordable Housing Initiative at the University of Melbourne.

Kate Colvin is Deputy CEO of the Council to Homeless Persons and a spokesperson for the Everybody’s Home Campaign.

This episode presents highlights from a public talk, hosted by BSL Research and Policy Centre on 21 March 2019.

Transcript Affordable Housing in Australia podcast (PDF, 296.8 KB)
50 mins 51 secs
August 2019
Aysha Zackariya and Sharon Lee
Lee Rosevere



Kate Colvin and Kate Raynor with Director of the Brotherhood’s Research and Policy Centre Prof Shelley Mallett
Kate Raynor
Kate Raynor
Kate Colvin
Kate Colvin