Fuel poverty, household income and energy spending: an empirical analysis for Australia using HILDA data

Francisco Azpitarte, Victoria Johnson and Damian Sullivan

Identifying which Australian households are experiencing fuel poverty requires more than a single measure.

As energy prices in Australia have risen, so has concern about the impact on people’s wellbeing. This BSL study considers how to define and measure the extent of fuel poverty in Australia, comparing results based on income and energy expenditure with results based on households’ self-reported ability to heat their homes or pay their energy bills on time.

The study, which uses HILDA data, also examines how households’ fuel expenditure is related to their socioeconomic status, as measured by two indicators: household disposable income and a multidimensional measure of social exclusion. The research was supported by funding from the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre.

Last updated on 16 June 2020