These occasional papers, produced between 2004 and 2014, explored topics related to poverty and inequalities.

Written by visiting and local experts, they were co-published by the Brotherhood of St. Laurence and the Centre for Public Policy, which in 2013 became part of the Melbourne School of Government, at the University of Melbourne.


The prime provider model: an opportunity for better public service delivery?

By Janine O’Flynn, Helen Dickinson, Siobhan O’Sullivan, Wilma Gallet, Katrina Currie, Marian Pettit, Amanda Pagan and Tony Robinson 2014, (PDF file, 602 KB)


Meanings of a long life: cultural, social and historical perspectives

By Ashley Carr, Simon Biggs and Helen Kimberley, 2013 (PDF file, 1 MB)


The rights of older persons: protection and gaps under human rights law

By Marthe Fredvang and Simon Biggs, 2012 (PDF file, 264 KB)


Valuing care in Australia: achieving pay equity in the social and community services sector

By James Allebone, 2011 (PDF file, 185 KB)


On dignity: social inclusion and the politics of recognition

By Zoë Morrison, 2010 (PDF file, 214 KB)

Sen and Bourdieu: understanding inequality

By Dina Bowman, 2010 (PDF file, 233 KB)

Financial inclusion in Australia: towards transformative policy

By Zuleika Arashiro, 2010 (PDF file, 146 KB)

Flexibility with security: driving a new compact down under?

By James Allebone, 2010 (PDF file, 206 KB)


From exclusion to inclusion? Reflections on the Celtic tiger

By Maura Adshead and Chris McInerney, 2009 (PDF file, 162 KB)

Integrated support to overcome severe employment barriers: adapting the IPS approach

By Jyden Lawlor and Daniel Perkins, 2009 (PDF file, 134 KB)


Welfare reform? Following the 'work-first' way

By Terry Carney, 2007 (PDF file, 82 KB)

Social investment in human capital: revisioning Australian social policy

By Paul Smyth, 2007 (PDF file, 74 KB)


Governing the social: reconfiguring state and civil society relations

By Tim Reddel, 2006 (PDF file, 95 KB)


From saving to empowering to including: changing understandings of poverty at the Brotherhood of St Laurence

By Alison McClelland, 2005 (PDF file, 82 KB)

Putting people in the picture? The role of the arts in social inclusion

By Jo Barraket, 2005 (PDF file, 93 KB)


Beyond neo-liberalism: the social investment state?

By Daniel Perkins, Lucy Nelms and Paul Smyth, 2004 (PDF file, 92 KB)

Putting a positive gloss on welfare state de-structuring: recent British experience

By Catherine Jones Finer, 2004 (PDF file, 78 KB)

A social agenda for equity and efficiency

By Fred Argy, 2004 (PDF file, 64 KB)