About BSL

What does BSL do?

The Brotherhood of St. Laurence (BSL) is a social justice organisation working alongside people experiencing disadvantage to address the fundamental causes of poverty in Australia.

Our approach is informed directly by the people experiencing disadvantage and uses evidence drawn from our research, together with insights from our programs and services, to develop practical solutions that work and to advocate for change.

What programs and services does BSL provide?We provide a range of community services to people who are experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, disadvantage and poverty.

Services include:
- Youth and family counselling
- Aged care facilities
- Social housing
- Disability services (NDIS)
- Employment assistance

For a full list of our services, please check  bsl.org.au/services for more information.
What is the history of BSL in Fitzroy?Our founder, Father Gerard Kennedy Tucker, was an activist and social reformer. In 1933, he came into the slums of Fitzroy and established a base where he could help people in need.

Over the years, BSL has helped form and foster many other groups concerned with social change and care. This includes the Fitzroy Legal Service, the Melbourne Tenant’s Union, Australia’s first successful family planning clinic, Australia’s first aged care drop-in centre and Australia’s first Alcoholics Anonymous branch. Father Tucker’s Food for Peace campaign in the 1950s grew into Community Aid Abroad, known today as Oxfam Australia.

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