Not just boomers vs millennials: life chances and intergenerational equity

Time and date
Thursday 7 April, 12pm - 1pm
Online webinar

Too often, generational equity issues are simplified as conflict between cashed up boomers and smashed avocado eating millennials. While there is a grain of truth to these tropes, they ignore the social, economic and cultural contexts and the policies that enable or impede equity and economic security.

Hear from Dr Dina Bowman and a panel of experts in conversation about life chances and intergenerational equity:

  • Professor Roger Wilkins - Deputy Director of the Melbourne Institute, and Deputy Director (Research) of the Household Income Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey
  • Professor Liz Allen - Demographer and Social Researcher
  • Ruby Mountford - Advocate, Public Speaker, Writer and Life Chances participant
  • Dr Ursula Harrison, Life Chances Research Fellow, BSL

We were also joined by special guest Janet Taylor, who worked on BSL’s Life Chances study from 1990 to 2015.