The Brotherhood of St Laurence worked with Monash Sustainability Institute and other project partners to assess the effectiveness of the Home Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program (HEEUP).

HEEUP assisted low-income Victorian households to upgrade to more efficient hot water systems. Hot water systems are one of the biggest energy users in the home. Many low-income households have inefficient systems that are costly to run.

The program pilot and related research aimed to:

  • assess the impact of hot water upgrades on household energy consumption (and subsequently energy bills and greenhouse emissions)
  • identify the optimal incentive level for hot water upgrades within low income households
  • identify whether action taken in HEEUP was additional to what would have otherwise occurred
  • identify lessons learnt from the trial including through case studies of trial participants
  • develop a model that can be replicated and expanded.

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Home Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program final report (PDF, 7.5 MB)
by Damian Sullivan with others as below

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