What drives economic insecurity among women in regional areas and what changes to policies and systems would make a difference to their futures?

Research conducted as part of The SEED Project brings together qualitative and quantitative approaches to understand the issues facing women in regional areas and what to do about them, using Seymour in Victoria as a case study.

Building on BSL’s extensive research on financial wellbeing and economic inclusion, we adopt a critical social policy perspective to challenge deficit narratives, reframe issues and imagine solutions. Our approach is informed directly by the people experiencing disadvantage and also draws insights from our programs and services offered through The SEED Project.

Our current research includes:

  • the Flip It! project, which examines how differing perceptions of Seymour interact with women's experience of economic security
  • an investigation of the drivers of persistent financial stress among regional women.

Insights will inform a policy agenda that aims to make a tangible difference to the opportunities, work prospects and long-term financial wellbeing of women in regional areas. By amplifying the voices of women such as those in Seymour, understanding the drivers of economic insecurity and collaborating with others, we can contribute to policy change from the local to the national level.

This research is made possible by ANZ’s generous support of The SEED Project.

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