A research project providing new insights into enabling young people to pursue their employment goals, place based responses to youth unemployment, and collaborative ways of working

Transition to Work (TtW) is a federally funded program offering pre-employment support to help young people into education, training and employment. The BSL developed a TtW model that addresses both the supply and demand sides of employment, working with young people’s abilities and talents and harnessing community effort to provide real world opportunities. A Community of Practice convened by BSL comprises 11 TtW providers around Australia that work collaboratively to improve outcomes and contribute to effective ways of addressing youth unemployment.

A multi-stage evaluation focuses on identifying the value of this innovative Community of Practice model and collaborative ways of working. As applied action research, it regularly feeds back findings to the TtW CoP with the aim of improving service development.

Read about the Advantaged Thinking approach used by the Transition to Work Community of Practice.

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