This research aims to understand the stories told about Seymour and how these stories create or limit opportunities for women living there.

Flip it! Is a qualitative study which forms part of the BSL's broader SEED Project.

The study has been conducted in Seymour, a regional town in Victoria, as a case study to understand, challenge and reframe narratives about people, place and policy particularly as they relate to regional women’s economic security.

The research examined:

  • differing perceptions of Seymour
  • how these perceptions interact with women's experiences, influencing their economic security and financial wellbeing

It involved interviews with individual women, as well as with local service providers, organisations and community groups.

These insights will inform our program development, policy and advocacy work to improve women’s economic circumstances now and in the future.


Kabare, M & Bowman, D 2022, Flip it: reframing issues affecting women’s economic security in Seymour

This study, part of wider research and policy work within The SEED Project , is being conducted by Dina Bowman  and Margaret Kabare